Lets flap our wings and Flutter

When a bird begins to flap their wings it can be taken as a sign of happiness. The same can happen when you begin to give Flutter a chance !

Flutter Icon that came with the unveiling of Flutter 2.2.. Which we will go into next time

Getting started

Have you ever wanted to build a mobile or web app that has a great design, smooth animations and wont compromise on quality or performance to do so ?
The world is filled with all kinds of frameworks meant to help find the solution. However one thing is for sure, yes , flutter is the one step solution for us !

What is Flutter?

Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase!

Why Flutter?

Flutter enables you to build —

  1. Beautiful Apps — No more compromises for your designers
  2. Fast Apps — Take the speed limit off your apps
  3. Productive — Now you can develop while running your apps
  4. Open — Everything is Free and Open Source

The apps and Interfaces made with Flutter are built from a single code base, able to access API’s and services. Yes this is another mobile development framework. But at the same time is all together a completely different beast. Have you ever wondered what goes on under the hood of apps made via flutter?

Flap Your Wings Flutter

Many approaches communicate through a bridge, although there is nothing terrible with these approaches they are not the ideal one. Bridges may have performance implications that flutter overcomes following the approach of eliminating the bridge and moving your rendering into your app. Flutters framework was built with Dart and its rendering engine is mostly C++!

The image under is showing the hood under Flutter , its engine and framework.

Developers first flaps

As with any framework there are a number of things to be aware of before building your first application. We will begin by going into which development platforms to use !
Any of the following platforms are acceptable and more commonly used for Flutter

a. Android Studio

b. Visual Studio Code

c. Xcode

Setting up your preferred editor can be tricky so i recommend sticking to fluters guide, embedded in the guide word

The next thing to consider would have to be the programming language!


Dart is a unique programming language used by Flutter. One of the things that makes Dart unique is that it can be just in time compiled and ahead of time complied. It can also be BOTH!

JITing is the key to this unique feature ! It enables a lightning fast development experience, which is seen in its feature hot reload. Whats lighting fast you may ask yourself, well you would be able to see your code changes in less than a second.Your app can slo be ahed of time ; meaning it will be fast and responsive to users and this is because it has been compiled before the launch.

Your flap

Now that is some basic general information on Flutter. It is your turn to begin and you may just take off and soar to new heights. Flutter encourages everyone to begin and even offers tips and guides to making your first Flutter app in parts. Its fun and helpful, we all love greeting the world

Lets FLY

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